Cycling 100 miles with type 1 diabetes

On Sunday 29 July I will be donning my lycra and joining 25,000 other cyclists taking on the 100 mile Prudential Ride London ( I’ll also be cycling with my DIY artificial pancreas in my jersey pocket to manage my type 1 diabetes. (More to come in a future blog about this….)

As readers of the blog will know I try to take part in at least one endurance event a year as a personal challenge and to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is often diagnosed during childhood and the dropout rate in relation to sport and physical exercise is very high, partly due to the extra challenges faced in manually managing blood sugar levels during exercise.

I was diagnosed as an adult in 2012 and decided to blog my journey to an ultimate ambition of Ironman triathlon to try and inspire others diagnosed with the condition to keep taking part in exercise and to remain healthy.

If anyone wants to follow my progress on the day the Ride London app is available to download to your Smartphone that will track my live GPS position. My bib number is 25142. This will be available from my start time of 7am and I’m hoping to complete the 100 miles in around 7 hours.

Wish me luck 🙂

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Written by Craig Waugh

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